Bâton Global Presenting on Leveraging Data to Drive Profitable Decisions at This Year’s Indiana Bankers Mega Conference

October 6, 2021
Bâton Global’s Wade Britt and Kavi Chawla will be speaking at the Indiana Bankers Association Mega Conference in October on the topic of “Leveraging Internal and External Data to Accelerate Geographic Market Growth.” In an environment where maintaining and growing market share has intense competition, the ability to identify and effectively serve the specialized needs of local markets fast is becoming an increasingly important skill for banks to develop.

Banks must ask the critical question of “How do we invest resources to grow in key geographies? This session will give you greater confidence in making data-informed strategic growth and resource allocation decisions regarding your Bank’s future across different markets and customer personas.

Kavi and Wade will review ways in which insights from external data and internal “MRI for your bank” data can inform better, data-driven decisions on branch investment, resource development, and tactics for market growth. The presentation will include a case study of a midwest community bank seeking growth in new markets along with proprietary data tools to inform market strategies & tactics.

Be sure to join the session at 9:00 AM on October 12th if you are attending this year’s Mega Conference. Reach out to Wade ( or Kavi ( to learn more about Bâton Global’s approach to accelerating geographic market growth.

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