Workforce Development in Manufacturing: Aligning People with Work

Podcast Description

Join hosts John Economos and Molly Lopez, MS, CAE for our latest bâton sâlon episode: Workforce Development in Manufacturing – Aligning People with Work.

Two talented business leaders and difference-makers in manufacturing, Stephanie Gott and Molly Varangkounh, share their stories about the successes and failures they’ve witnessed when it comes to driving business results by optimizing talent and aligning people with work.

Whether you work in the manufacturing industry or not, there’s a truth that often eludes us as we go about our day-to-day responsibilities. And that is that business problems stem from people problems. When business goals aren’t achieved, many of us have the tendency to make changes to a process, to implement new internal policies, or to invest in new resources in hopes that they serve as the idealistic “quick fix”. The reality is that steps like these are often reactionary, and they do not thoughtfully consider what is typically an organization’s most expensive asset – its people.

Podcast Transcript

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