Bâton Global Partners With the Business Publication Corporation on the Envision Iowa Statewide Leaders Economic Outlook Report

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November 2, 2022
Last month, Bâton Global was proud to partner with Business Publications Corporation (BPC) in launching the Envision Iowa Statewide Leaders Economic Outlook Report.

More than 3,500 Iowa business and community leaders were invited to participate in a sentiment survey conducted by Business Publications Corporation (BPC) and Bâton Global. The report revealed that Iowa leaders are optimistic about the future of business opportunities, but concerns about social infrastructure, workforce and population are at crisis levels.

Kavi Chawla delivered a presentation of the survey results at the Envision Iowa event on Oct. 5, and which included four key findings:

  1. Leaders are broadly optimistic about Iowa’s business opportunity fundamentals
  2. Statewide leaders agree major changes are needed to address Iowa’s social infrastructure crisis, namely housing, healthcare, education, and childcare
  3. 87% of Iowa leaders express concern that the state will not be able to meet workforce needs, even with changes
  4. A majority of leaders expect decline in Iowa’s population, with particular concern in manufacturing and logistics sector

The report including the survey data and key finding can be downloaded on BPC’s website below.

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