Case Study

What Matters Most for a Community College


A well-respected Midwest community college serving over 20,000 students across numerous campuses.

The Story

The Challenge

In responding to the emerging needs of the communities in which it serves, a community college in the Midwest saw leaders being pulled in too many directions which resulted in lower performance.  The organization lacked the strategy and agreed-upon measures of success to meet the needs of the community and generate high impact.

The Choice

The response

Bâton Global helped the college develop a strategy which had institution-level goals and KPIs with buy-in from leaders across the college.  The various campuses and departments subsequently created their own strategies that supported the college-level plan which included goals and measures unique to their areas.

The Results

The organization’s leaders had a clearer understanding in how they’d meet the needs of the community and are empowered to make impact within their communities.

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