Case Study

What Matters Most for a Community College


A well-respected Midwest community college serving over 20,000 students across numerous campuses.


In responding to the emerging needs of the communities in which it serves, a community college in the Midwest saw leaders being pulled in too many directions which resulted in lower performance.  The organization lacked the strategy and agreed-upon measures of success to meet the needs of the community and generate high impact.


Bâton Global helped the college develop a strategy which had institution-level goals and KPIs with buy-in from leaders across the college.  The various campuses and departments subsequently created their own strategies that supported the college-level plan which included goals and measures unique to their areas.


The organization’s leaders had a clearer understanding in how they’d meet the needs of the community and are empowered to make impact within their communities.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G researched current community college trends emphasizing peer institutions and conducted a review of internal strategic documentation.  Interviews and focus groups where held with leaders from across the college:

  • Leadership shares a passion for student and community success.
  • Frequent new initiatives and changes in directions occur without the resources and time to complete them resulting in a lack of focus and unnecessary stress.  
  • Strategic communications delivered by the college were inconsistent.


In-depth introspective discussions were held to understand issues and arrive at a common understanding for the current state.  utilizing findings from Insight a d leveraging the team’s considerable expertise, a vision for the college’s future state was defined to make great impact within their community.  

  • The college’s mission, vision and value statements were refreshed.
  • 14 institution-wide goals were selected with corresponding KPIs to gage achievement of those goals.
  • Two college-wide initiatives were selected which, assuming success, will meaningfully advance the college towards their vision over the next five years.


B|G leaders facilitated engaging discussions with leaders and executives across the college to educate them on the college’s strategy - including the underlying methodology with examples - which resulted in excitement and commitment.  

  • During the development of the strategy, Bâton was training the trainers who would later facilitate the departments and campuses to create their own scorecards.  
  • Bâton setup the strategy in the proprietary strategy software environment so it could easily managed, tracked and communicated.  
  • Meaningful change takes time and is never a straight-line transition.  Being knowledgeable about college’s strategy, Bâton stands ready to assist for further refinement and integration of the college’s strategy.


The strategy supported leaders in swiftly aligning the college behind key priorities to increase their performance and generate high impacts for their communities. Experiencing heighten turbulence due to the recent pandemic, the college was poised to utilize the strategy to ensure stability and growth.

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