Case Study

University Strategy and Continuous Improvement


A private Midwest university with 6,000+ students.

The Story

The Challenge

A leading Midwest university had a strategic plan, and institutional planning culture, that needed an update. The university previously implemented five to ten-year strategic plans but needed a more flexible methodology to sustain growth. The university found traditional methods failed in reconciling long-term strategy with short-term actions.

The Choice

The response

Bâton Global (B|G) leaders worked with the university to implement a continuous improvement planning process and culture. A university-wide scorecard was developed and leadership teams in all academic and administrative units developed customized plans adapted to their own unique goals and culture. B|G leaders supported the university in communicating the future vision to various internal and external stakeholders while managing the execution of the plans and measuring progress over time.

The Results

The University has established a culture that embraces continuous improvement and growth at all levels. This has created insight and alignment between the student experience, faculty governance, administrative execution, board planning and institutional accreditation.

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