Case Study

Strategic Planning at a Family Business


A family-owned lumber supplier providing quality building materials throughout the Midwest.


The client was at a point where it was ready for a change in strategy but was unsure of what strategic direction to take. At the same time, a succession plan had not yet been formed that would allow for a smooth transition to the next generation.


Bâton Global was enlisted to guide the client through key strategic decisions that would affect the company’s future direction.


Strategy and succession planning helped establish a long-term vision for the family enterprise, with clarified roles for the future.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G reviewed and gathered relevant background information to gain a deeper understanding of the company.

  • B|G reviewed internal documentation, which provided insight into current organizational operations, strategies, resources, and capabilities.
  • Interviews were conducted with relevant stakeholders to develop a deeper understanding of key issues and topics facing the organization.
  • This ground work helped identify key decisions that needed to be made by the family and leadership team in order to inform a future strategic direction for the organization.  


Upcoming challenges and opportunities were identified, and insights were used in the development of effective growth strategies.

  • B|G conducted a competitor analysis, leading to a better understanding of the organization’s competitive position in the marketplace.
  • A SWOT survey given to family members and other key stakeholders, resulting in a greater awareness of the organization’s internal and external environment.


B|G facilitated a strategy retreat to help guide family members through key decisions that would affect the organization’s future. Critical topics of conversations included:

  • Strategies to address the changing landscape of the current business environment.
  • The strengths and weakness of the family business and areas of focus that would allow the organization to continue to scale and grow.
  • Succession planning and role clarification among family members.
  • Development of the necessary leadership, activities, and processes to manage the intended changes.


Decisions made at the strategic retreat have provided the foundation for the client’s future strategic direction.

  • A management succession plan was established.
  • A broad growth strategy was defined that took into consideration the competitive environment.
  • Management and other key stakeholders aligned their ideals and plans for the business’s future.
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