Case Study

Planning for Business Success After COVID-19


Bâton Global’s (B|G) client was one of the five largest regional chambers of commerce in the United States. The organization is a key incubator of close community partnerships, including both public offices and private organizations, that amplify the state’s economic potential, attract external investment, and enhance the attractiveness of the state’s capital city region.

The Story

The Challenge

In light of the severe economic disruption due to COVID-19, the client wanted to deliver both holistic advice for organizations of various sizes as well as guidelines tailored to specific industries. The idea was to create best- in-class playbooks that would provide business owners digestible advice they could use to make informed decisions taking into consideration their own specific circumstances.

The client came to B|G for assistance gathering and evaluating the required data and information, engaging local advisory boards, and creating the public website that would help owners navigate uncertainty and alleviate the regional economic downturn

The Choice

The response

The urgency of the response requires B|G to move fast to assist the client. B|G started the project by gathering data through benchmarking exercise and engage with various stakeholders through surveys and stakeholder interviews. Moreover, to ensure that we capture the broad and depth of the data, B|G also ran focus groups sessions with 75 local leaders to identify key factors for a successful reopening.

Next, B|G worked closely with the client, supporting them to come out with clear guidance of the economic recovery strategy and disseminate the information through a public website. Last but not least, to ensure buy-ins and avoid miscommunication during the crisis, B|G supported clients to engage with the client’s stakeholders such as corporate leaders, healthcare experts, and state and local governments to mention a few.

The Results

B|G supported the client to smoothly execute the project and build the following impacts:

  • Creation of a robust digital content to guide businesses in navigating economic recovery
  • Quick delivery and distribution to guide local business during the crisis
  • The deliverables secured stakeholder confidence in the client as a formidable industry ally and a leading driver of regional economic growth.
  • The playbooks were endorsed by business leaders, government officials, and healthcare representatives as the leading resource for the region’s businesses.

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