Case Study

Narrowing the Focus of a Talent Development Company


Midwest talent development startup company.


The client was unclear in which areas of focus should be prioritized to ensure continued growth of the company. The company was working on multiple initiatives without an understanding in how they impacted the company’s success measurers.


Bâton Global (B|G) guided the company in identifying key focuses of the company and developing a balanced scorecard aligning to the vision of the company’s leaders.


The company was able to identify key areas of focused and developed a system to measure the efforts of its team members. The company had stronger alignment in what needed to be achieved to reach their collective vision.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G identified key areas of focus for the organization to continue to scale and grow.

  • Eight stakeholders were interviewed, including employees, customers, and partners.
  • Industry and competitive research was conducted to identify the key trends and companies in their market.  
  • B|G facilitated multiple workshops to discuss and review findings from Insight; three areas of focus for the organization were prioritized based on these findings.


B|G and company leaders worked to develop an enterprise strategy to ensure the efforts of the organization aligned with the vision of organization leaders.

  • Three workshops were held with the organization’s leaders to develop objectives, metrics and targets of the organization.
  • Four high level initiatives, or projects of change, where created to understand where efforts need to be focused to ensure growth and scaling of the organization.


B|G worked with top leaders to roll out their strategy.

  • Organization leaders shared the balanced scorecard to internal team members.
  • Prioritized initiatives developed during the strategic planning process were executed by the organization.


The organization was much clearer in where they needed to focus their resources to grow and provide better service to their customers.

  • Leaders had a greater sense of clarity in where their limited time needed to be spent to scale the organization.
  • Team members had greater alignment in what made the organization successful.
  • The newly implemented system ensured the ability to measure and track the efforts of the full team.
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