Case Study

Making Strategy Come to Life at a Non-Profit


A non-profit organization in the Midwest that seeks to enrich lives through inspiring performances, inclusive education programs, and innovative community partnerships.

The Story

The Challenge

The Executive Director and Board President felt the organization was underachieving due to the following challenges:

  • Inadequate exposure amidst board members of peers in the industry, thereby limiting ideation and desire for change.
  • Fragmented feedback loops from donors and key stakeholders in the community.
  • Ambiguity surrounding the organization’s strategy, resulting in numerous projects with competing interests and a lack of role clarity for staff.

The Choice

The response

While fostering new relationships and capitalizing on existing ones, B|G:

  • Conducted quantitative and qualitative research about peer and aspirant organizations including details across a variety of subjects such as finances, structure, governance, and programming.
  • Administered a four-part survey, gathering anonymous feedback and ideas from board members, staff, volunteers, patrons, and other key stakeholders in the community.
  • Distilled the research, feedback, and ideas into a strategic plan with focus areas, objectives, measures, and targets.
  • Facilitated a 22-person, virtual retreat with staff and board to refine the strategic plan, create ownership, drive excitement for the future, and highlight key activities to follow that would sustain momentum.

The Results

B|G equipped the board and staff to confidently lean into their new chapter that awaited, with a level of detail and clarity not seen before in the organization’s history. The Board President kindly shared with the project team, “You are worth far more than we could ever pay you. Thank you so very much!”

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