Case Study

Leading the Formation of an Agricultural Organization


Iowa-based agriculture and sustainability non-profit


The client sought to create a new organization to facilitate the use of sustainability practices to tackle a serious environmental problem in their industry, but was unsure of the viability of such a mission. Furthermore, the client needed to develop a vision for structuring the organization In order to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders.


Bâton Global (B|G) developed a comprehensive business plan that presented a scalable, financially viable approach to fulfilling the client's vision to drive greater sustainability.


The plan developed with Bâton Global enabled management to move forward with a pilot project under a nonprofit structure. In addition, the client was able to prioritize environmental practices and match them with appropriate sources of funding.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


The Insight phase focused on the assessment of possible legal structures and evaluating the value proposition for potential stakeholders:

  1. B|G conducted a high-level review of several potential legal structures and mapped out the nature of various stakeholder relationships under each structure
  2. B|G evaluated the capabilities and needs of stakeholder groups, including the parties that would implement, facilitate, and fund the environmental practices


B|G collects insights and worked with the leaders to establish a vision and plan for the soon-to-be formed organization:  

  1. B|G led development sessions with key stakeholders to determine their desired sustainability focuses, beneficiary groups, and management structure.
  2. B|G developed a financial model that synthesized a wide array of potential business models, environmental practices, funding mechanisms, and pricing scenarios to identify an optimal path that balances environmental outcomes with the availability of financial resources.


B|G worked closely with management to develop a comprehensive business plan that summarized the conclusive vision for the new organization along with a bespoke financial model:

  1. The business plan will be used as a guide to execution on the organization's mission and also as communications materials to engage stakeholders.
  2. B|G used financial analysis to facilitate data-driven decision making in planning discussions with management.


B|G guided management towards specific practices that will produce significant environmental benefits while requiring only a small initial investment before becoming financially self-sustaining in the second year. The organization is well on its ways in driving key sustainability practices, benefiting communities across the Midwest.

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