Case Study

Leading the Formation of an Agricultural Organization


An Iowa-based agricultural nonprofit was challenged to establish a new organization to promote sustainability practices in their industry. The client sought to validate the viability of their mission and create an effective structure to unite diverse stakeholders.

The Story

This agricultural association is committed to advancing the agricultural sector, offering support through research, resources, and advocacy. It aims to bolster the productivity and profitability of growers, with an emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. The organization works diligently to promote the success and longevity of the agricultural industry and its associated communities.

The Challenge

The client faced two pivotal challenges. First, they needed to determine if their mission was viable. Second, they had to structure the new organization to effectively bring together stakeholders with varying interests and roles while making the execution of their mission possible.

The Choice

By choosing to work with B|G, the client was able to validate their mission's feasibility and develop a comprehensive business plan and financial model. This approach empowered them to confidently move forward with a pilot project under a nonprofit structure and prioritize environmental practices, backed by suitable sources of funding.

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