Case Study

Leadership Development: Conference Keynote and Breakout Sessions


Membership organization representing non-profit aging services providers.


The membership-based organization was seeking a qualified subject matter expert who would provide timely, relevant, practical, and actionable information at its annual leadership conference.


B|G provided a keynote address and educational breakout sessions designed to inspire, entertain, engage, and inform the audience.


The audience found the presentations to be entertaining, effective, and applicable to their areas of focus. Industry leaders left the sessions with practical tools to better lead their teams and organization.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G conducted stakeholder interviews with leaders of aging services organizations in order to understand the changes, challenges, and opportunities facing the senior care industry.

  • Additional secondary research supplemented these interviews, resulting in a more thorough understanding of key topics and issues mentioned by industry leaders.
  • Findings helped refine the content of the sessions, ensuring that information would be relevant and that audience needs would be met.


B|G developed four presentations, one 90-minute keynote and three 75-minute breakout sessions, for the leadership conference.

  • A summary of each presentation, as well as goals and objectives, were provided to the client in advance of the conference.


B|G’s subject matter expert (SME) provided timely, relevant, practical, and actionable information at the conference presentations.

  • Active participation was encouraged, and audience members were given the opportunity to discuss how to apply the content to their organizations.


Through storytelling, case studies, and teaching methods, B|G provided leaders with useful and effective information relating to leadership and strategy within the aging care industry.

  • Participants were equipped with practical tools to enhance organizational performance.
  • Leaders were engaged in meaningful conversations that captured their interest, sustaining engagement beyond the conference.
  • The audience was inspired and motivated to address challenges and opportunities affecting their industry.

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