Case Study

Increasing Membership Value Through Customized Research


A member-based organization in the technology sector sought to elevate value for its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) members through a comprehensive survey. To accomplish this goal, they engaged Bâton Global (B|G) for survey development, deployment, and analysis. This survey would provide benchmarks, facilitate discussions, and inform future focus areas.

The Story

This association is dedicated to fostering growth and innovation in the technology sector. It offers members a platform for collaboration, education, and advocacy, providing resources and support to enhance industry knowledge and drive technological advancement.

The Challenge

Tasked with enhancing membership value, the organization aimed to gauge CISO sentiments and generate pivotal data for their advocacy efforts. The challenge lay in refining survey questions, managing the survey process, and deciphering insights that would resonate with CISO members and align with their current roles and the organization's objectives.

The Choice

B|G carefully curated and refined survey questions, utilized an online platform for the survey process, and meticulously analyzed the gathered data. This effort resulted in actionable insights that would empower CISO members in their decision-making. The survey enabled the organization to curate future programs, discussions, and advocacy efforts to better serve their members' needs and enhance thought leadership in the technology community.

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