Case Study

High-Growth Healthcare Technology Startup


Network of healthcare providers delivering revolutionary medical research and treatments worldwide, with a focus on the US market.


The client saw an exponential growth opportunity in the market due to the efficacy of their treatments, the cost savings of their technology compared to competitors, and a proprietary method to offer treatments through employers and insurance programs. The opportunity justified an infusion of external capital and an expanded board of directors. The board recognized that the business processes that worked for the founding company were not scaling well to a high-growth company.


Bâton Global (B|G) was retained to identify and prioritize the adjustments needed for the next stage of the company and assist them in implementing significant changes.


B|G stabilized the company and implemented sound business processes, leading to clearer lines of reporting, greater buy-in from leaders, and assurance from investors that the company would continue rapid growth.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G conducted due diligence to discover and describe current/future challenges facing the executive leadership/ownership team.

  • Key stakeholders of the organization, including members of the leadership team and board of directors, were interviewed on their vision for the organization’s future, potential threats and areas of focus.
  • Key decisions that needed to be made in order for the company to scale and grow were identified and presented.
  • Organizational effectiveness and leadership/management skills were assessed for growth opportunities.


B|G worked with the leadership team and board of directors to develop a strategy:

  • B|G created a value map clearly depicting how activities contribute to growth and bottom line
  • B|G guided the development of objectives and KPIs that aligned to the compensation of top
  • Proactive policies were instituted to mitigate risk and ensure regulatory and compliance
    obligations were met.
  • A strategy for marketing, sales and public-relations was developed.
  • Individual executive development plans were co-created with key leaders and a B|G leadership


B|G helped the organization implement the strategies:

  • Decision making quality was enhanced using appropriate stakeholder participation and
    understanding through facilitated sessions. Decisions were owned, prioritized, tracked and
    implemented in an effective manner.
  • A competitive compensation package of top leaders was established and approved by the board of directors.
  • The sales and marketing teams were restructured and began to implement key strategies.
  • Policies for communications to stakeholders and the media were established and tested.
  • Senior leaders advanced their development plans with the help of a leadership coach.


B|G stabilized the organization during a time of great uncertainty, stress and growth. This provided much-needed clarity for future direction:

  • A clear line of reporting was established which provided members of the organization with a better understanding of decision making.
  • Time was diverted from “putting out fires” to identifying the important steps to ensure long term sustainability and growth.
  • The client was able to pursue their initiatives with clear buy in from all members of the leadership team.
  • The board of directors and investors had greater assurance the organization was in the right hands to grow towards future profitable growth and exit.

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