Case Study

Envisioning a Hospital's Future


An Iowa hospital that provides services to over 5,000 patients each year, many of whom have limited resources.


The client faced increasing costs, new competition, changing patient preferences, and a need to improve patient and community outcomes. The development of an actionable strategy was required to position the organization for success.


B|G helped the client develop an actionable strategy that created an aligned vision for the future among board members and the leadership team, identified and prioritized strategic initiatives, and allowed for effective implementation.


The client has a clear understanding of how to transform their organization to reduce costs, increase quality, and enhance the patient experience through prioritized initiatives, measures of success, and key success factors. The hospital is positioned to be a healthcare leader in their region and a pillar of their community.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G gathered insights regarding the client’s unique challenges and opportunities to inform the strategic planning process:

  • B|G reviewed the client’s existing strategic materials and conducted background interviews with board members and other key stakeholders to understand their needs, goals, and objectives.
  • B|G worked with the organizing team to prepare and plan for an upcoming strategic planning retreat, including developing an agenda, selecting pre-work activities for participants, and confirming desired outcomes.


B|G led a full strategy retreat with the client’s leadership team and the Board of Directors. At the retreat:

  • Facilitators ensured participants were in agreement of the organization’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Participants established an understanding of the external and internal factors affecting the organization through PESTLE and SWOT analyses, leveraging BG expertise.
  • Leaders brainstormed ideas for future initiatives that could help the hospital reach its ideal future state.


B|G held post-retreat working sessions with board members and the leadership team to enhance and refine the strategy:

  • Retreat ideas were assessed, refined, and prioritized.
  • Project goals were confirmed.
  • Measurable and actionable key performance indicators (KPIs) were determined.
  • Realistic targets were set for objectives, and owners were identified to ensure future success.


A new strategy, which was approved by the board, has positioned the hospital system to deliver lasting impact in the community:

  • The client has a clear vision moving forward and strategic goals and initiatives to reduce cost, improve quality, and enhance the patient experience.
  • A new culture supporting strategy development has formed among leaders and their teams, resulting in willingness to regularly track and communicate progress, ensure accountability, and adjust the plan as necessary.
  • The hospital system is well equipped to tackle changing consumer preferences, manage new competitors, and improve community outcomes.

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