Case Study

Cost Benchmarking for a South African Bank


Navigating competitive pressures and economic pressures, a leading South African bank sought to enhance its operational efficiency.

The Story

This multinational banking and financial services conglomerate offers diverse services such as retail, business, wealth management, corporate, and investment solutions. Driven by bravery, passion, and readiness, this firm embodies the spirit of the continent it serves and is committed to making its region proud through sustainable value creation and customer empowerment.

The Challenge

To address efficiency concerns in a tumultuous market, the bank engaged Bâton Global (B|G) in a collaborative effort that delivered comprehensive benchmarking insights, both from global banking trends and local market analyses.

The Choice

Through rigorous secondary research and benchmarking exercises, B|G and its partner offered multifaceted insights into the bank's cost structure in relation to global and regional peers. This data-driven approach empowered the bank to identify operational inefficiencies and establish improvement targets to excel within the banking industry.

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