Case Study

Clarifying Mission & Diversifying Funding


Non-profit social enterprise providing job skills training and employment services to empower community development.


The organization had new executive leadership who saw a need to diversify their funding streams and better align their funding activities to their mission.


Bâton Global (B|G) guided leadership to develop high level initiatives to solve pressing challenges, identify proper ways to measure their organization’s performance, and ensure effective execution of initiatives addressing crucial revenue diversification, people development, and the alignment of business activities to their mission.


The non-profit increased performance through regular tracking of established targets and implementing initiatives that attended to pressing challenges. This work led to new revenue streams to fund programming, greater empowerment of their people, and an increased alignment of their operations to their mission.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


A baseline analysis of the internal environment and the outside market forces influencing the growth of the nonprofit was established.

  • B|G interviewed members of the leadership team and board to establish a collective understanding of past successes, future aspirations, and ongoing challenges.
  • Workshops were facilitated with the leadership team to confirm the top strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) along with the key industry factors.
  • Top areas of focus included a pressing need to diversify revenue, increase performance, and develop their people.


B|G and the non-profit used findings from Insight to develop high level initiatives and scorecards to measure performance.

  • B|G facilitated workshops with the leadership team and board to draft key objectives, targets, and initiatives to drive positive change in the organization.
  • B|G coached the leadership team to prioritize the most important objectives and initiatives addressing focus areas.
  • Initiatives were further scoped to identify project milestones, key objectives, project owners, and mission and financial impact.
  • High level initiatives were sequenced to ensure resources were used effectively.


B|G ensured the non-profit’s strategy was communicated broadly to stakeholders and effectively executed.

  • B|G developed a communications plan and supported the leadership team in delivering a “strategic story” shared with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Revenue diversification was further pursued through ideation workshops which resulted in community leaders identifying two viable business models for the non-profit to pursue.
  • B|G created initial plans to establish a leadership development curriculum.
  • B|G provided guidance to the leadership team while they were making crucial decisions to align their revenue accretive activities with their mission.


The non-profit had a clear understand solve to solve complex challenges which reduced operational risk and solidified the organization’s leadership in the community.

  • The non-profit has launched new business models created during planning that has led to diversified revenue streams.
  • The non-profit conducts activities that drive their mission forward while also generating revenue to operate their organization.
  • New leadership had a clearer understanding in how to measure the performance of their business-as-usual activities while executing high level initiatives.

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