Case Study

Building a Sustainable Nonprofit


Educational nonprofit for underrepresented young women in STEM.


The nonprofit was facing a catch-22 scenario: it was not able to grow enrollment due to funding and staffing constraints but, without adequate enrollment, funding was difficult to secure. At the same time, organizational leaders and key stakeholders had varying visions of the future direction of the organization.


Bâton Global guided the client through the strategic planning process. Informed by stakeholder surveys and interviews, market research, and financial modeling, a strategy was developed to grow enrollment, staff, and funding.


With a focused vision for the future, the client is well on its way to increase its impact and financial sustainability.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G gathered insights regarding the client’s unique challenges and opportunities to inform the strategic planning process:

  • B|G reviewed internal and external documentation related to the client’s strategy and funding needs. 
  • B|G participated in multiple stakeholder meetings to understand the various opinions, analysis, intuitions, and recommendations regarding the client’s mission and vision, areas of need, and organizational priorities. 
  • A brief survey was sent to the wider team to ensure a complete gathering of thoughts related to vision, obstacles and gaps, priorities, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Market research was conducted to gather data on non-profit funding and STEM education trends that could impact the organization or direct fundraising activities.



Internal and external findings were compiled and analyzed:

  • Reflection conversations were facilitated with the board and leadership team resulting in a common understanding of the opportunities and needs of the organization.
  • The client’s financial needs and current and future funding options and opportunities were also communicated.
  • These conversations informed the agenda, structure, goals, and strategy for next steps in the planning process. 


B|G facilitated a planning retreat to select, prioritize, and schedule initiatives for the next three years:

  • Facilitators ensured participants were in agreement of the organization’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Organization leaders brainstormed ideas for future projects and initiatives.
  • B|G modeled the organization’s operating expenses to aid in prioritizing initiatives and setting funding requirements.


A new strategy was developed that positioned the nonprofit to increase its impact and financial sustainability:

  • A staffing plan was created to accelerate the achievement of long-term goals.
  • Tactics were recommended to increase enrollment.
  • Primary and secondary income and funding opportunities were identified that would support the growth of the organization.

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