Case Study

Building a Sustainable Nonprofit


An educational nonprofit that focuses on the advancement of underrepresented young women in STEM encountered a complex cycle. Facing staffing constraints and unable to secure funding without expanded enrollment, the organization’s leaders’ conflicting visions added to the complexity of charting a unified path forward.

The Story

This nonprofit focuses on fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for underrepresented women in STEM through personal development programs. The organization dedicates itself to cultivating a nurturing and enriching educational experience for a diverse range of students.

The Challenge

Constrained by an inability to increase enrollment, which in turn hindered securing funds, the organization faced an incessant cycle. Divergent perspectives among leadership further complicated strategic planning, impeding consensus on the nonprofit’s vision for the future.

The Choice

Bâton Global (B|G) initiated comprehensive strategic planning, integrating stakeholder insights, market analysis, and financial modeling. This collaborative effort allowed the nonprofit to shape a refined strategy that addressed enrollment, staffing, and funding concerns. By aligning priorities, the nonprofit is now better positioned to elevate its impact and financial sustainability.

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