Case Study

Bringing a Non-Profit’s Strategy to Life


A Midwest community organization committed to providing reliable funding for arts, culture, and heritage within the community.

The Story

The Challenge

The client developed a strategy that would lead to great benefit for local arts and culture while also increasing the quality of life and economic development of the community. The strategy lacked a clear articulation of the activities that needed to be accomplished and ways in which the organization would measure the success in achieving these outcomes.

The Choice

The response

Baton Global (B|G) partnered with the staff, board of directors, and community partners to develop implementation and communication plans. These plans included the key initiatives, success metrics, and milestones that would ensure the achievement of goals outlined in the strategy.

The Results

The client operationalized their strategy and began executing on the shared vision of key stakeholders. Initiatives and measures of success within the implementation plan provided clarity to internal staff and external partners in how they’d reach goals to invest in arts and culture, align community stakeholders, and establish proper structures and systems.

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