José Batres, MBA

Business Development Consultant, Latin America


José has spent the majority of his career helping small businesses and multinational corporations expand their customer footprint through international market expansion and M&A.  He brings expertise in Latin America business development and culture. José’s work has led him to interact and consult with key stakeholders with executive decision authority, including CEO and upper management in foreign countries. He has held positions at Lehman Brothers, McCann Worldwide, Omnicom Group, and Eurofins. Given his global experience, he has received substantial multicultural exposure and professional experience, and is bilingual in Spanish and English.

José holds an MBA from Loyola University New Orleans and a Bachelor of Science degree in International Trade and Finance from Louisiana State University (LSU). He is also a recipient of the 2009 Ralph Smith Award for Outstanding MBA in his tenure at Loyola.  José is active member of the Latino Center of Iowa and has served as a director of Loyola University’s College of Business Alumni Board.


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