Process Optimization


Process optimization is key to generating overall efficiency savings in your organization, while recalibrating your internal workflow and governance structures to support high business growth.

B|G can help your organization execute an effective process optimization project with clear priorities and goals for specific products and functions. Optimized processes can enable significant time and resource savings which allow staff to concentrate on truly value-adding work, such as customer cross-selling. Process optimization can also have immense benefits for customer experience – resulting in potentially faster service, fewer customer journey steps and digital experiences which delight customers.

Common Challenges

Building efficient process and workflow requires superior cross-functional coordination across an organization. Common risks to Process Optimization efforts include:

Cross-Functional Buy-In

Firms can face significant resistance in securing buy-in from stakeholders across various functions, slowing down Process Optimization initiatives

Lack of Unified Vision

Leaders underestimate the importance of agreeing on "what success looks like" to align on the ultimate goals of Process Optimization projects

Our Capabilities

B|G work with organizations to create 'bottom-up' Process Optimization solutions which reflect real-world workflow needs, while actively engaging leaders to ensure continuous alignment on optimization goals:

Balancing Full and Semi-Automated Processes

B|G’s experts advise organizations on where best to deploy automated solutions, and where highly-bespoke customer experiences may demand semi-automated solutions

Getting Everyone Onboard

Processes can trace entire organizational value chains, and require co-creative efforts involving both frontend and backend staff to effectively map and optimize

Process Visualization

As alignment between various internal stakeholders is crucial, Design Thinking tools such as Service Blueprinting and Customer Journey Mapping significantly enhance process improvement quality – and prevent miscommunication in relation to designing new workflows

Enhanced Governance Structures

As process workflows are largely guided by prevailing procedural, policy and governance documentation, B|G can help review governance structures to enable truly efficient workflows throughout your organization

Real Results

At a large Midwest American bank, B|G facilitated ideation on new digital product workflows to delight customers. Our experts used the Storyboarding method to guide stakeholders in formulating ideal experiences for hypothetical future customers.

B|G also helped a major financial institution in Asia develop new onboarding workflows and products for business customers. We identified major branch-level variations in the onboarding process, and designed new workflows which guaranteed consistent customer experience across digital and in-branch channels.

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