Investing in a Skilled Immigrant Workforce

Immigrants are often characterized by their entrepreneurial spirit and hard work ethic. In addition, immigrants who have recently come to the United States are more educated than ever before and are more likely to have advanced degrees than their U.S.-born counterparts. Thus, there is a business case to be made for hiring these talented and skilled newcomers as they can play an important role in the growth and success of an organization.

What are the benefits of hiring skilled immigrants?

Whether operating in local markets or global markets, an internationally diverse workforce offers companies many benefits and opens up new opportunities. At a global level, immigrants can help businesses expand into new foreign markets andstrengthen international connections. For instance, newcomers may have contacts in their home country who can help facilitate business relationships. Furthermore, because of their language skills and familiarity with overseas business practices, immigrants areideally suited to work with a variety of international clients and can help companies overcome cultural divides.

Immigrants can also lend their knowledge and expertise to helpcompanies expand into new local markets. Theycan tap into community networks to facilitatebusiness activities and reach out to new clients. Additionally, it can be advantageous for companies to have an internal workforce that reflects an increasingly diverse customer base. By reflecting the communities they serve, businesses may gain a better understanding ofhow to market their products and services or discover areas in which they can improve customer satisfaction.

Finally, immigrants increase workplace diversity giving companies a competitive edge. These newcomers offer companies a unique set of skills and experiences that can enhance the creativity and productivity of a work team. This type of innovative environment may lead to the creation of better products or the ability to offer more services. The different educational, job training and work backgrounds of immigrants can also increase a company’s knowledge base and offer fresh insights and perspectives. This can help businesses attain holistic views of various situations, solve complex problems and modify existing business practices.

Businesses will find that there are many benefits to hiring these highly skilled and highly motivated newcomers to the United States such as expanding international and local markets, increasing corporate diversity, and driving innovation through new ideas. While only Congress can make policy changes regarding the employment-based immigration system, and only cities can cultivate broad-scale welcoming environments, companies have the ability to promote strategies that effectively and successfully integrate these talented and hardworking individuals into the workforce. 

How can we help your organization unlock the benefits of a skilled immigrant workforce and successfully integrate global talent into your organization?


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